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Welcome to

St Hilda’s CE Primary School

Our Vision and Values

St Hilda’s, Ampleforth Church of England Primary School Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Our vision, “Where everyone grows” is rooted in “I have come that that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10.10) We believe that education must equip people of all ages with the skills to maximise their engagement with the world around them and education must develop academic, spiritual, emotional and personal growth.

Mission Statement

Where Everyone Grows

Aims of the School

To be an inclusive school in which all learners are given equality of opportunity and treated fairly.
•To provide academic excellence by providing teaching and learning of the highest quality and by promoting the moral, cultural, spiritual, social and physical development of our pupils.
•To provide a rich and varied curriculum, in line with national requirements, that ensures that all children are challenged to achieve their best, have high aspirations and become confident, independent learners in exciting and well- managed classrooms.
•To promote and nurture Christian and family values within a happy environment where everyone feels valued and secure.
•In developing Christian values we will aim for all children to have respect and understanding for different cultures and religions and an increased knowledge of the global community.
•To provide a happy, welcoming, safe and stimulating environment which promotes curiosity, creativity, enjoyment and interest in all aspects of learning.
•To develop flourishing school, home, church and community links.

Interpreting the law for our school

Parents may withdraw their children from Collective Worship on grounds of conscience should they wish to do so, but we believe that Collective Worship is inclusive and beneficial for all pupils. Parents are asked to contact the Headteacher to discuss any concerns.

Arrangements for those children withdrawn from Collective Worship

It is hoped that no child will have to be withdrawn from Collective Worship, but where this is the case the following arrangements will be made. A member of staff will provide and supervise an alternative activity in the Library.

RE Statement of Entitlement for Church Schools