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Coronavirus Updates

Autumn Term 2021/2022 Updates

January 2021 Updates

 29.01.21 – Letter to Parents & School Prayers ‘Children of Light Festival’

22.01.21 – Letter to Parents

15.01.21 – Letter to Parents

14.01.21 – Information for Parents about our Remote Education

08.01.21 – Letter to Parents

07.01.21 – Technology Support

05.01.21 – A Complete Guide to Teams for Parents and Students

05.01.21 – Student guide – How to access MS Teams from a PC

05.01.21 – Student Guide – How to access MS Teams on a Tablet or Phone (using the App)

We follow the established procedures within Test and Trace for Educational Settings – Early Years Providers, liaising with Public Health and DFE. We work closely with our NYCC Health and Safety Adviser to ensure that we follow the latest guidance. We review our risk assessments regularly and update them when required.

Pupil Absence

Please can we remind all parents of the Stay Safe in North Yorkshire guide COVID 19 related pupil absence, this includes ‘my child is ill with symptoms not linked to COVID-19’.We would also like to remind parents that our school offices are not manned full time and not beyond the school day.  Currently at least, our phone systems do not allow the diversion of calls to the school Mr Pynn is in.  A telephone voicemail may not be picked up immediately.

Therefore, if you need to make urgent contact and you have tried unsuccessfully to speak with Mr Pynn by ringing both schools then please email him headteacher@hshafed.uk. We ask, please, that this must include communications where you are reporting a child’s absence, querying the need for a pupil’s absence and also where you are indicating your intention that your child will be returning to school following a period of absence. In all these circumstances Mr Pynn may need to seek additional information from you, and he may then need to access external advice prior to being able to confirm whether or not a child can be in school. Systems are in place which allow us to rapidly obtain the advice Mr Pynn needs and if you are unable to speak with him by telephone then your email should ensure that his confirmation of whether your child can or cannot attend school should be swift. We are grateful for your understanding.

18.12.20 – Message from Mr Pynn

16.11.20 – Public Health Messages for Parents/Carers

20.10.20 – Stay Safe in North Yorkshire – Covid-19 Related Pupil Absence

Blended Learning Policy

Catch-Up Funding 2020-2021 Plan

Remote Learning for pupils who are isolating – Parent Guide – January 2021 

Remote Learning Policy – January 2021