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Headteacher : James Pynn
Age Range : 3 to 11
Number of Pupils :35

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Class 1 (Key Stage 1) - Homepage

Thank you to all who were able to come and share in the Class 1 Carnival.  The floats and costumes were wonderful. - Mr Pynn  Please click here to view the photographs

19th July 2016 - Goodbye & Farewell to Revd. Sue & James Bond

It was a lovely service to say farewell to Rev Sue and James.  They were both touched by the gift we gave them.

Please click here to view the photographs

15th July 2016 - Nursery Olympic Games!!

Our Nursery children took part in their sports day today and they were all amazing!!

We had an Olympic theme this year as this was part of our Class Topic.  To introduce our ‘Olympic Games’, Nursery children were escorted by a member of Class 1 who had made a flag for their Nursery partner, just like they do in the real Olympic Games where each Country parades with their flag.  They then took part in an opening ceremony where they danced and played musical instruments to the ‘Rumba Dance’ which they have been practising over the past few weeks.  They then completed the Opening Ceremony with the passing of the Nursery Olympic Torch, which was beautifully crafted by Mrs Lealman and Mrs Dodds.

Nursery children took part in a variety of races, including the space hopper race, egg and spoon race, beanbag race and a running race.  Class 1 cheered them on and waved their flags in support.  We closed our Olympic games with a final dance to ‘Move and Freeze’, another dance that the children have been practising.  Not only did the children take part but parents too!!  Mr and Mrs W., Mrs E. and Mrs C. ....your award for best dancing will be available to collect at your earliest convenience!!  Unfortunately we did not have time for a Parents' race, much to the disappointment of the crowd!!

A big thanks to everyone who came to watch and a special thanks to all parents who helped Miss Kirk before the games, showcasing their cutting skills!!  Please click here to view the photographs

12th July 2016 - Helmsley Library - Summer Reading Challenge

"On Tuesday, Gill from Helmsley Library came into school to talk to us about the summer reading challenge.  This year it is all about Roald Dahl because he would be celebrating his 100th birthday!  His famous book “The BFG” is in the cinema now. 
The whole school is really excited about it and if you want to do it - just go to your local library and start your “Big Friendly Read’’ there.  You could win many prizes."
By Effie Y5

12th July 2016 - Mini Sports Day 

"On Tuesday 12th July, because our Sports Day was cancelled due to the weather.  Class 2 and Class 1 had our own Sports Day.  We did mini races going in Year groups: Reception, Year 1 and 2, Year 3 and 4 and last of all Year 5 and 6.  We did an invisible skipping and sack race, a couple of obstacle courses and a running race.  We ran out of time for the teachers’ race!" 
By Kaitlyn Y6  Please click here to view the photographs

4th July 2016 - Butterflies

Over this last half term Class 1 have had some interesting "pets" to look after.  Miss Kirk acquired 5 caterpillars from insectlore!  We watched them grow and grow and grow to almost 10 times their size before they crawled up to the top of their tub and began the miraculous change within their chrysalises. The children took an interest in how much the caterpillars had grown over such a short space of time and how they would change and become butterflies.  After 10 days of eating and growing and 7 days to go through their change, the excitement finally erupted as the first one secretly emerged as a butterfly. We monitored them carefully after that, hoping to catch the other 4 emerging.  We were lucky enough to see 2 of them sneaking out of their cocoons, and the children were in awe watching the butterflies open out and stretch their wings for the first time.  They were fascinating!!  We finally released our fully formed painted lady butterflies on Monday 4th July and Class 1 and Nursery children watched patiently as we waited for them to take their first flight into the garden.  I wonder what we will have next.... Miss Kirk, Class 1 Teacher

Please click here to view the other photographs

24th June 2016 - Growing Herbs

During the Summer 1 term, Class 1 children planted basil, chives, cress, garden cress, Indian cress, dwarf sunflowers and pansies.  We discussed what plants need to grow and the children decided where to keep their set of seeds.  They were in charge of looking after their own so had to decide when to water them, how much to water them and keep them in sunlight.  We monitored their growth regularly over the half term and eventually Mrs Lealman planted them outside as they had outgrown the small pots they were in.  The children really enjoyed looking after their own plants and were very eager to help them to grow, with daily gasps of "Miss Kirk we haven't watered our plants yet today!! They need water to grow."  There may even have been a class competition (set by the children of course) to see who had the biggest herb, it was rather close at times especially as some were slow to start growing.  I never chose a winner as they had all done such a fantastic job of looking after them and were all very proud of how well they had all grown!!!  Miss Kirk, Class 1 Teacher

Please click here to view the other photographs

24th June 2016 - Year 1 and 2 Rounders at Ryedale School 

Please click here to view the photographs

1st July 2016 - Years 1- 6 Niddfest Poetry Competition

Thank you to all parents who have given Miss Kirk and Mrs Wood permission to enter their child’s poem into the Niddfest Poetry competition.  Winners will be chosen by award-winning poet, Rachel Rooney.  Children who are shortlisted will be notified by 20th July and allowed to attend a prize-giving ceremony at Pateley Bridge Memorial Hall on Saturday 6th August, 4-5pm.  This is a great opportunity for children to show their imaginative and creative skills and we wish them all luck.

23rd June 2016 - Class 1 & 2 visit to Our Lady and St. Benedict Catholic Church, Ampleforth

We were made to feel very welcome by Fr Bede at Our Lady and St. Benedict Church.  We looked at things in the Church that were similar to St. Hilda’s and somethings that were a little bit different.  Kieran was allowed to pull a rope that made the bell ring.  Then we went to the church hall and enjoyed juice and biscuits and a chat with the people who meet there every Thursday for a coffee.  Written by Class 1

Please click here to view the photographs

24th June 2016 - Niddfest Poetry Competition

During Literacy this week, Year 1 and 2 children have been writing their own poems about nature. Miss Kirk is hoping to enter them all into the Niddfest poetry competition by 1st July.  Winners will be chosen by award-winning poet, Rachel Rooney.  Children who are shortlisted will be notified by 20th July and allowed to attend a prize-giving ceremony at Pateley Bridge Memorial Hall on Saturday 6th August, 4-5pm.  This is a great opportunity for children to show their imaginative and creative skills and we wish them all luck.

9th June 2016 - Tesco Fork to Farm Trail

During our visit to Tesco, we looked around the store and were allowed into parts that are usually for staff only.  In the bakery we saw bread rolls being made and later we got to try some delicious bread and cheese.  Not everyone liked the ginger flavoured cheese though!  At the fish counter we learnt about different kinds of fish, even one with a hidden spiky fin.  At the fruit and vegetable section, we worked together to think of fruit and vegetables for each colour of the rainbow. Green was easy but we had to think hard about blue and purple.  When we went through the 'staff only' door we saw the warehouse and the chiller rooms (we didn't go inside but we felt the very cold air coming out - brrrr).  We even saw the Tesco workers having lunch in their canteen. We enjoyed it and learnt a lot.  

As usual the children were polite, listened well and asked lots of questions.  We would like to say a big “thank you” to our parent helpers for volunteering to come along with us - your help is always very much appreciated.  Please click here to view the photographs

9th June 2016 - Federation Prayer

Mrs Harland has worked with pupils from both schools to write a federation prayer which we intend using within each school and at joint services.

                                                        Dear Lord, 

                                                        Thank you for bringing St Hilda’s and Hovingham Schools

                                                        together to create one. Thank you for our friendships

                                                        across the schools and for keeping us safe and happy.

                                                        Help us to persevere in all we do; learning new things

                                                        together, sharing experiences and respecting each other.


8th June 2016 - Our New Library

Our exciting new Library has featured in the Gazette & Herald.  

Please click here to view the article

27th May 2016 - Mrs Wood

We will be saying a sad farewell to Mrs Wood at the end of the summer term as she moves out of the area. I'm sure all pupils, parents, staff and Governors will join with me in thanking Mrs Wood for all her hard work in our school.  I know Mrs Wood will miss everyone, but I’m sure that she will keep in touch.  Miss Kirk will continue to teach Class 1 from September. 

27th May 2016 - Climbing Wall

On the last day of term, the pupils from Hovingham School will be joining us at St. Hilda’s for the whole day. A climbing wall has been organised for the children and everyone (R-Y6) will get a session on the wall at some point during the day.  The children will also be having a picnic lunch so let’s hope the weather remains sunny and warm.  Click here to view the photographs

"Many thanks for the opportunity to bring the climbing wall to your school today.  It was great to see all the children giving the wall a go, even if they initially had reservations.  Their enthusiasm and support for their classmates also had to be admired, as too were their great manners - all the children were a real credit to your school.  Great to see several of the staff trying out their skills on the climbing wall too!!"  justClimb  

24th March 2016 - Dalby Forest 'Stick Man' Trail

On Thursday 24th March the Class 1 children took part in a trail at Dalby Forest linked to 'Stick Man' to enhance the children's growing knowledge of the books of Julia Donaldson.  They met other Julia Donaldson characters and participated in lots of activities along the way.  The trail really helped to bring some of her wonderful stories to life.  This was a great opportunity for the children to 'jump into' the forest setting that Julia Donaldson so often uses.  The trip to Dalby Forest also contributed to the children's current learning of Forest Schools.

Please click here to view all photographs


24th March 2016 - Federation Prayer competition

Thank you to all those children who entered the competition; there were some great entries and the final decision was tough! However,  Annie Mae was the winner from St. Hilda's and Amelia from Hovingham.  Well done to both girls who received an Easter treat for their hard work and beautiful presentation.  Mrs Harland will work with the winners to combine their ideas and wonderful phrases into a single Federation prayer that will celebrate the special relationship between the two schools.

22nd March 2016 - Easter Nests

Class 1 and Nursery have been busy making Easter nests.  We used lots of skills such as counting, measuring and lots of motor skills.
We looked at new life and the eggs in our nests represent this.  Fun was had by all!

Click here to view the photographs

14th March 2016 - Lift the Lid on Easter

On Monday afternoon the children took part in an extended Collective Worship. Using resources from the Lift the Lid box (which was loaned to school by Elim Ryedale Church) they learnt more about the Easter story by sharing books, acting out the story and a team quiz. The activities gave the children an opportunity to think about the Christian roots of Easter.

Click here to view the photographs

14th March 2016 - Ampleforth Students

This week we said goodbye to two students from Ampleforth College who have been spending Monday afternoons at our school. Mary Kate and Ludo have supported children in both classes and we value their contribution.  The children made cards for them and wrote some thoughtful messages. 

2nd February 2016 - National Railway Museum

Our visit to the National Railway Museum was a great learning experience.  The Rocket workshop was very popular with the children and in school they have found out more about George Stephenson and Rocket.  Year 1 and 2 wrote some super recounts and the selection below will tell you all about our visit.

“On the 2nd of February Class 1 and Nursery went to the National Railway Museum.  We all enjoyed the trip.  The first train we saw was the fastest train ever.  It was made in Japan.  We all got on it.  The seats were very comfy.”  Annie-Mae

“Then we went to see the fancy Royal train carriages.  In one of them there was a bunkbed, some fancy teacups and a chair.  After that we went to see the mail train.  At night they used to sort the mail and I bet it was hard work.  When we’d looked at that we went to a map and saw a railway ran through York and Ampleforth.  That’s why one of the roads is called Station Road.”  Keeley.

“Then we went to see the big train on the turntable.  The man told us how the turntable worked. Then we went to see Rocket and some of my friends got to be George Stephenson, Robert Stephenson and Henry Booth.  Chris told us about Rocket and we got to hold up some pictures of trains that broke but Rocket didn’t.  After lunch we went on the bridge.  We went up it and then we went down it.”  Chloe

“We went on a balcony and 2 trains zoomed past.  I felt really happy.”  Keeley

“On the way home some of us talked and some had a nap.  It was a wonderful trip.”  Annie-Mae

“It was fun at the museum and we went on the trains.”  Grace

“First we went on the fastest train ever!  Then we saw the Eurostar.  Then we saw some old trains.”  Calum  

"We dressed up and I had a hat on"  Megan  Click here to view the photographs

18th January 2016 - Ampleforth College - String Orchestra Performance

We were very pleased to welcome a string orchestra into school.  The musicians, from Ampleforth College and St Martin's, were a pleasure to listen to and it was great for our pupils to hear and see classical music being performed live.  They also had the opportunity to learn a little about the different instruments and to ask the musicians questions.  It was interesting to hear about how many hours they spend practising (a lot!) and we all enjoyed the result of their efforts.  Click here to view the photographs

15th January 2016 - Ice Planet Sculptures and Rockets

Following on from their visit to the Planetarium this morning, the Reception children used colourful 2D shapes to make rocket pictures. They were out of this world!

The Hovingham children then had a fantastic time unveiling their 3D ice planet sculptures to the St. Hilda's children. They worked in house teams to create a fantasy planet sculpture for their house teams. They loved the results and they have learnt so much about floating and sinking, materials and changes of state.  Click here to view the photographs

16th December 2015 - Ampleforth Senior Citizens

The children paid a visit to the Village Hall on Wednesday afternoon and sang some Christmas songs for the Ampleforth Senior Citizens who were enjoying their traditional Christmas lunch.  Their performance was greatly appreciated.